All forms can be obtained from the LPC secretary at (802) 545-2067, email    OR click on links below.

Building Permits
The following projects require a LPC permit:

  • Addition of a new structure, including sheds, garages, or gazebos.

  • Alteration of an existing structure, including changing the slope or height of a roof; adding a dormer, deck or bedroom; adding square footage or expanding or altering the footprint of the structure; or tearing down and rebuilding any part of a structure.

  • Erosion control between lake and land, including shoreline repairs and retaining walls.

  • Site work on property that adds walls or makes major changes to the pitch of the land to affect water run-off. This includes installation and repair of permanent cement docks.

  • Wastewater/septic repairs or upgrades to remedy a recurring or major system failure or projects that require entering the leach field.

The Request for a Building Permit (LPC-4) outlines the requirements for obtaining this permit. Note that there is a moratorium on new wells at Long Point.

The following projects do not require a permit:

  • Replacement of siding or roofs (unless altering roof pitch or height).

  • Replacement or addition of doors or windows.

  • Internal changes that do not involve the addition of bedrooms.

  • Normal lawn repairs.

  • Replacement of an existing pump on a wastewater system or well currently in active service.

For further explanation of guidelines and requirements, please see Permit Guidelines for New Construction, Renovations, Land Alteration, and Wastewater Systems.  Links to all forms are below, or you may contact the LPC secretary at (802) 545-2067 or